If you have al lump appearing in the groin or the belly button, you have probably got a hernia. Please get it checked by your doctor. A scan may be needed to confirm, although very often it is obvious. Hernia can be unsightly and cause pain. The real risk is strangulation of bowel getting stuck in the hernia, and an emergency operation may be needed. 

Planned hernia operation is recommended for hernia causing symptoms. 

This can be done by open or keyhole method. I perform large numbers of both types depending on which method is most suitable for you. Most hernia operations are done under general anaesthetic and as day case operations, although some might need one overnight stay.

For medically unfit and high risk patients, I can perform the operation under local anaesthetic with you fully awake.

Recovery to normal work after hernia operation is typically two weeks, although some patients need a bit longer depending on activity level.

Please arrange a consultation to get more advice on your hernia