Symptoms from gallstones can be mild like indigestion or bloating to severe pain brought by fatty or spicy meals and diary products. Sometimes pain is severe enough to require hospital admission, pain killers (biliary colic) and antibiotics (acute cholecystitis). Ultrasound scan will usually confirm the diagnosis. 

If there is jaundice (obstructive jaundice) and a stone has slipped down the main bile tube (common bile duct), a camera test (ERCP) is sometimes needed to clear the stuck stone first, before proceeding to laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Sometimes if there is doubt whether a stone is stuck or not, instead of ERCP, a MRI scan called MRCP is done. If that confirms a problem, only then ERCP is done followed a few weeks later by Lap Cholecystectomy. I often perform a special dye test during the operation called on table cholangiogram to confirm there is no further obstruction.

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